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about the sofia crew

Make an impact, Locally & Globally

Being a part of the Sofia Crew means you're joining a wellness movement. We're on a mission to bring access to health and wellness education, services, and products to students across every campus.

College is demanding. College students need more and the traditional healthcare system isn't cutting it. We need you and your friends and campus community need you. Join the movement and bring your campus together through wellness events, activations, internship opportunities and more.

What Does the Sofia Crew Do? 

Make An Impact
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Spread the Sofia Mission

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I love being involved in the Sofia Health community. It's a refreshing approach to whole health providing opportunities and access to health and wellness resources. 

-Sofia C

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College Students

About Sofia Health

Get Options. Get Answers. Get Results.

Sofia is the ultimate in wellness possibilities. We make it easy to discover personalized, alternative health and wellness solutions from the leading health and wellness entrepreneurs, providers, and makers.

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