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The Benefits of Castor Oil

Sometimes the best working beauty products are the ones that don’t have to break the bank

Last Summer I did something new for myself and started paying for eyelash extensions. They were so gorgeous and made me feel so confident and beautiful. I eventually had to get them removed and I was absolutely devastated to find my natural eyelashes were completely destroyed. I barely recognized myself. I frantically searched and searched for any natural method to restore my lashes back to their natural length as quickly as possible. That’s when I discovered castor oil.

I had originally seen it in a TikTok and ended up going down a rabbit hole trying to figure out if this household oil really worked the magic that people promised. I went through almost every single amazon review I could find and then decided to go ahead and risk the $12 bottle I found.

I put the castor oil on my eyelashes –well try to at least– every night and also add some to my hair after every wash and my eyelashes have never looked better. It does require consistency but over the past few weeks, it’s made a significant difference. I also treat myself with an eyelash lift and tint and that combined with the castor oil is honestly so comparable to eyelash extensions. It’s a bit more natural looking but a coat or two of mascara is a perfect substitute. I am so thankful that I found such a great alternative and will continue to use and recommend this product.


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