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Journaling: A Tool for Healing, Growth & Self Love

In the beginning of my journey of healing and self-improvement, I quickly found out that I am definitely one of those people that will simply refuse to feel my emotions– especially the uncomfortable ones.

This has been detrimental to me in many, many ways. It can be compared to shaking soda in a bottle, it gets built up more and more until I just explode. It was an absolutely miserable way to live. Not just for myself, but it also hurt close relationships that I kept because I was getting way too emotional at things that seemed irrelevant.

The best remedy for this problem that I have found is journaling. I am not perfect and I usually don’t journal every single day, but when I do it feels amazing. Journaling is amazing because it is a way for me to consistently check in on myself, as well as bring up any emotions that I have been suppressing.

Journaling has become a prominent ritual in my life and has really become an act of love for myself. It took me years to realize that I deserve to sit with myself, understand myself, and reflect on life and its lessons. It has also helped me to uncover truths about myself and past trauma that have been weighing down on my life.

There are so many great resources for journaling prompts on social media that can assist in getting to know yourself in ways I had never even imagined. Facing my flaws and learning to love every part of me has done wonders and helped me find so much joy and peace I never believed possible.


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