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Quotes: How they give us perspective to change our lives

I feel as though most people have heard the phrase ‘what you put in is what you get out. I’ve been pondering the quote a lot and really see two meanings to it.

The first and obvious - is whatever you physically put into something that you’re working on whether that be a project or in your daily talks.

The other meaning I think about a lot is what you put into yourself - The items you ingest. That could be food, ideas, movies, music, or anything that enters your consciousness and changes your view of the world.

Listening to certain types of music as well as taking certain things in from the media has detrimental effects on me as well. I personally believe that humans were never meant to take in so much bad news and when that’s a majority of the thing that you are ‘putting into’ yourself, then you start to see the world like that and eventually live out that viewpoint.

The solutions that I try to implement for myself are first just taking social media breaks. I tend to be so much happier when I'm not scrolling through things that make me upset or things that make me less satisfied with my own life. Another solution is just being conscious of what I do in my free time. I try to read more self-help books or documentaries rather than tv shows, movies, or media outlets that bring me down and my mental health has never been better!


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