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Relaxation: A Lost Art

In a society that has lost its ability to do nothing, it’s extra important to make relaxing

mainstream again.

It feels as though I have been in a constant cycle of anticipating Summer during

the rest of the year for as long as I can remember. I constantly craved the warm weather,

sunshine, and freedom that the season was linked to. Now that I am further through

my adolescence and in turn, life feels progressively more difficult, Summer seems to

have lost its appeal. This used to be my time of freedom and relaxation, whereas now, I

feel as though I need to speed up. It feels in today's society we have a lack of ability to

slow down, relax, and just breathe. How far can we push ourselves? And the more

important question, where does it end? How long are we able to push ourselves past

extremes suffering the consequences of not giving our bodies and minds the time they


This Summer I am making a change. I have made it a personal goal to learn how

to relax. I have come to realize that I fully deserve to spend downtime with myself and

for myself. I have come to realize that doing things that fulfill and nurture yourself

needs to be a priority. This is so important because when my bucket is full and I have

creative energy, I can do more than I even thought possible. Some of my personal

favorite ways of relaxing are doing certain things for myself that solely bring me joy. I

love to read, and making an effort to set aside time to simply get lost in a light romance

novel or historical fiction story brings me so much joy. I also love being outside. Doing

nothing except laying by the pool in the warm sunshine can completely replenish my


Taking the time to find activities that fill your soul is so important, especially in

the fast-paced, crazy world that we live in. Putting yourself first mentally, physically,

and spiritually is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself, and learning how to slow down and relax accomplishes just that.


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