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Self Love

Loving yourself completely might be one of the biggest challenges with one of the biggest rewards we are ever faced with

Growing up, I feel like I always had people taking advantage of me. It felt like I was always the friend that cared more, the one that got excluded, the one that got walked all over. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried to be a ‘good person’, people still refused to treat me with the love and respect I deserved.

It wasn't until I went to college that I started on a journey of self healing and self discovery. I looked to so many resources, books, and social media accounts because I was so desperate to find out why my life was the way it was, why I felt the way that I felt, and why people treated me how they did. Then one day I discovered it– a complete lack of self love.

When you don’t love and respect yourself, others will not love and respect you either. With a lack of self-love also comes a lack of boundaries. I discovered very quickly why people were always crossing me: I was allowing them too. I did not have enough self-love to put my foot down when people were treating me incorrectly. I also did not have enough self-love to show people how they should be treating me.

Starting a journey of self-love can be intimidating. I have (and still am) learning to love and appreciate every single aspect of myself, no matter how daunting it is. I still get distracted and lose track but I am so thankful for how far I have come and I know the younger me is so, so thankful.


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