• Gabriella Ogletree

Sickness: An Internal Conflict

During this past weekend and the beginning of this week, I had the misfortune of getting extremely sick. I was angry at my body because I was forced to stay in bed and miss out on everything that I had planned, including even my brother’s 30th birthday party. I was forced to four days of bed-ridden solitude against my will.

A day or so into my confinement, I remember a notion that was written in a book by one of my favorite authors: Christiane Northrup. She mentioned how she believes that when the body gets sick, it is a physical manifestation of an internal conflict. I am unsure what type of internal conflict could create a situation like tonsillitis, but I pondered on this notion for a while before deciding to put down the distractions and check in with myself.

I am so thankful that I did meditate upon myself. I evaluated things that were going on in my internal world, components of my external world, and my relationship with them. It is normal to have ups and downs in your relationship with yourself, but like any relationship, it is vital that we do eventually find our way back and try to correct any errors.

The sickness was miserable, but I am so glad that my body found a way to get my attention to my own conflicts. I was able to give my body the much needed love and care it deserves. Next time, my hope is that I can catch on to these conflicts before I am bedridden for multiple days.