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LSU Reveille Interview: SofiaCircles opens LSU chapter, offering health and wellness resources

Madelon Davis | @madelondavis| Feb 10, 2022 Updated Feb 11, 2022

College students have their fair share of struggles when it comes to mental health. With dooming deadlines, work, social life and everything else, balance goes out the window and students are left to stress about what to do next. Not knowing what to do can fill a student with anxiety and fear, especially when seeing others coping and getting real-world job experience.

LSU has a new club that will benefit students both with their mental health and their need for real-world experiences.

This club is called SofiaCircles at LSU by SofiaHealth. SofiaCircles' regional leader at LSU, psychology senior Taylor Burke, said this club was started to give students real-world experience in various positions while contributing to the greater mission of increasing access to health and wellness. Burke said that students involved with the club all have a common goal — to promote wellness while getting real work experience, said Burke.

Burke said that Sofia Health is a destination for virtual health and wellness services and products. On the website, there is something for everyone.

“It’s like Amazon but for wellness! Clients can shop for different services and products based on how they are feeling or their health goals,” Burke said.

This club was founded by Riley Rees, the CEO of Sofia Health. Rees said she felt like COVID was going to be challenging for everyone but especially college students. This was one of the main reasons she started Sofia Health. Students who apply and are accepted into the club will be eligible for an internship and discounts on local and virtual health and wellness classes offered on SofiaHealth’s website.

The day-to-day operations of the club is all in the student’s hands. With this being so hands-on the students are able to build up their resumes and community.

“I love this club because its values and beliefs are something that I admire," Burke said. "I one day want to be a therapist, and having this company not only be a service that connects clients to practitioners for their health and wellness needs, but it also connects to students on a college level through the importance of health and wellness."

Students looking to join the club can apply on the website and can find more information on future events @sofiacircleslsu, their school-specific social media account